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Joseph E. (Jeff) Consolino Chairman of the Board      
Chairman of the Board
Elected 2006

Mr. Consolino became our Chairman of the Board effective February 15, 2013, and previously served as our Audit Committee Chairman from 2006 through February 15, 2013. Mr. Consolino has served as executive vice president of American Financial Group, Inc. (“AFG”), the parent of our largest shareholder, since February 16, 2013 and since March 1, 2013, has served as chief financial officer of AFG. Prior to joining AFG, Mr. Consolino served as president and chief financial officer of Validus Holdings, Ltd. (“Validus”), a Bermuda-based property and casualty (re)insurance company. During this time, Mr. Consolino also served as Chief Executive Officer, President and founding Director of PaCRe Ltd., a Bermuda-based underwriter of top-layer property reinsurance. Prior to joining Validus in March 2006, Mr. Consolino served as managing director in Merrill Lynch’s investment banking division. While at Merrill Lynch, Mr. Consolino specialized in insurance company advisory and financing transactions. Mr. Consolino led the underwriting of our initial public offering, which provided him with specific experience related to our operations. We believe Mr. Consolino’s experience serving as president and chief financial officer for both a property and casualty insurance company group and a publicly-traded holding company, coupled with his experience in establishing and profitably growing insurance organizations, his role at AFG, and his more than twenty years of experience in insurance- related financial matters, give him unique qualifications to serve as Chairman of our Board. Mr. Consolino also serves on the boards of directors of AFG and AmWINS Group, Inc., a wholesale insurance brokerage.

Ronald J. Brichler   Committee Chair for Compensation Committee  
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Chair of the Board = Chair of the Board Committee Chair = Chair Committee Member = Member Financial Expert = Financial Expert

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